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Material Driven Textile Design: Designing Fully Integrated Fabrication and Finishing Processes with Regenerated Cellulose in the Materials Science Laboratory (PhD)

Circular colour demonstrates a new finishing process with regenerated cellulose obtained from post-consumer textile waste. Each textile is produced with and can be reintroduced into a non-toxic circular chemical recycling process for regenerated cellulose textiles inscribed within the context of a circular bioeconomy.

This new process is the result of the development of an innovative practice that applies methods from materials science and design. The research was structured around a novel model of three research residencies in pioneering material science laboratories: the Cellulose-based Textiles Section of the Biorefinery Unit’s Bioeconomy Division at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden in Stockholm and Borås, as well as the Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems at Aalto University’s School of Chemical Engineering in Finland.

These textile artefacts were first shown at the Victoria and Albert Museum Fashioned from Nature conference in London in November 2018 and exhibited at the Burberry Material Futures Research Group display during London Design Festival in September 2019.

Miriam Ribul _Material Driven Textile De
Material Driven Textile Design: Circular Colour Finishing: Research
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