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Recipes for Material Activism is the first open source publication to disseminate recipes for collaborative production models for biomaterials and to empower democratic systems of local and distributed manufacturing using low tech tools and ingredients.

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‘Recipes for Material Activism’ is the first open source publication for making bioplastics using locally available non-toxic ingredients. The publication presents models of collaborative production towards a distributed manufacture of textiles, packaging, products and temporary spatial installations using low tech tools in a ‘kitchen lab’. The four recipes demonstrate possibilities to produce twenty known processes in an alternative way with the potential to replace toxic petroleum-based materials in design prototyping. The publication has inspired a new generation of material designers worldwide to participate in the democratisation of material production by developing their own recipes for biomaterials. The publication and the outcomes of the recipes were first exhibited at the 'Design Beyond Making' exhibition curated by vectors at the Protein gallery in London in October 2013.

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